What the Experts Say

“Merino Lanolin Skin Crème really does work. It’s a well priced, New Zealand made product and I always recommend it”

Charlotte Russell, BSc (Hons), DipPod (NZ)
Charlotte Russell Podiatry


“My staff and I have been recommending the use of Merino skin crème to our patients for over 10 years. Merino Créme is an excellent product to maintain the integrity of the skin and keep it supple which is so vital to the health of the diabetic.” 

Dr Lewis Freed, D.P.M., FACFAS,
East Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.


 “I recommend using it for anything that stretches the skin and could cause stretch marks, whether it’s breast augmentation, breast reconstruction or during pregnancy” 

Dr Robert Dryden, Arizona Centre of Plastic Surgery, AZ, USA.
Clinical Professor at the University of Arizona School of Medicine


 “I have been recommending Merino Products for skin care in diabetes for many years. I am a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator and work with large numbers of people who come to me with excessively dry and cracked skin associated with diabetes. Merino is the only product with which I have total confidence that major improvement will be made. My patients and I have both had the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing very serious skin problems turn around after only a few applications very often after only one! Of course I receive all sorts of samples of other products from the big national companies, but I have found nothing that even comes close to Merino in correcting the profound dryness which is common to diabetes. Merino is the only product that I can have complete confidence in.

There is something about Merino that seems to be formulated precisely right for my patients. And once they experience the good effects from it, they become proponents of it just like I am. In classes, I frequently hear testimonials from one patient to another about their improvements in skin health. I believe that amputations have been prevented because of Merino, and I wish I had a way to convey this to my colleagues in diabetes care across the country. And of course, I use it too, just as I include other aspects of healthy living with diabetes into my own lifestyle.”

Sunnie Bell
National Diabetes Educator of the Year 1996-1997
Memorial Medical Centre, Las Cruces, NM